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Walking in Heels – Be Fabulous!

It’s Summer and the perfect time to showcase tanned feet in stunning shoes……but all too often this is the time we are in the most pain! Hot weather, platforms and strappy numbers – not to mention pumps and flip-flops (who knew they could cause damage?)  can take their toll, so by the time the Summer is in full swing – our feet hurt. We want to be gorgeous and comfortable – so what do we do?

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When my invitation to Walking in Heels arrived  – Carnation Footcare’s event –   I thought it was the perfect opportunity to find out. Afternoon tea at the gorgeous  Goring Hotel with tips from stylists, podiatrists and the ultimate  etiquette expert. Plus a sneak peak at next seasons shoe trends – wonderful!


I love The Goring. Elegant and glamorous, Kate Middleton’s pre wedding choice was the perfect venue and afternoon tea was delicious.  In the light and airy room, we heard from the brilliant Liz Brewer – ultimate deportment and etiquette expert – known for her books,  tv shows and also work with the Royal Family. We had the Liz Brewer masterclass – how to walk in heels and look amazing. A great tip was to feel the top of the stairs with your toes  – when you are walking up a long staircase – to avoid having to look down. Make your entrance in style – and safety! You wont fall if you can feel the step in front . Be confident.  Its all about posture!


Liz and I had a chat after over a chic cup of tea and talked about some of her tv work. This is woman who has literally transformed hundreds of girls into ladies – she knows her stuff! After a long day in glam heels, soak your feet in hot water with salt – this really helps to reduce swelling and can instantly make a difference.

high life

The high heel…….nothing can instantly make you feel sexier, make you look slimmer and be altogether more glamorous! But after a long day rushing around –  I know my feet are aching. The podiatrists from Carnation Footcare were amazing. They told us all about why our feet hurt in heels, the results were scary – so many women cram their poor feet into too tight shoes which affects posture and causes damage. Find the right fit, choose quality over quantity and give your feet a break! Take your shoes off when you can. Using products can really make a difference – they suggested gel pads, a cool rollerball and amazing creams….

Looking after your feet is so important – so for busy girls on the go, here are our top tips…..

1. Scrub  

Use a foot scrub – slough off dead skin and freshen feet. Feels great too. Peppermint Foot Scrub smells gorgeous and is still a big Body Shop seller – with good reason! £7

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2. File

A foot file is a must. Space NK have a brilliant file that works- and lasts  and lasts….£18

2. Moisturise

Use a daily foot lotion that keeps skin in good condition. I like L’Occtiane’s incredible Shea Butter cream – softens and soothes. Wonderful. £19.

3. Heal

Have a healing foot cream to hand.  Continued use of flip-flops causes pressure on the heels and that’s when you get cracks and it can seriously hurt!  Carnation Cracked Heel Cream –  £2.99 – gets to the problem fast. Use when needed and then a few times a week.

4. Prevent

Keep Carnation’s Anti Blister Stick – £4.08 – in your handbag. You apply to an area that’s sore before the skin breaks and its brilliant! Forming a protective layer over your skin and stopping the blister forming. Cute glitter packaging too.


5. Protect

Shoeliners and toeliners help to stop your shoes rubbing on your feet. Get them at

6. Ease Pain

Gel Pads, Spots and Strips  are brilliant. Tiptoes Invisible Gel Cushions save your feet from the burning pain of platforms. Get the goodies online –


6. Massage

Keep a special rollerball in the fridge at work – the Pediroller from Carnation and roll tired feet over it during the day!

7. Polish

I think a classic pink toe polish works all year round and flatters all skintones. I like Indi-a Mood for Love –  OPI


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Walk Tall – and feel good!


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