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The Truth About Keratin and Other Hair Smoothing Treatments

About 9 months ago I suffered at the hands of a hairdresser who advised me that my bleached lifeless blonde locks were in need of some intense conditioning. He suggested that I needed to pump some much needed moisture back into my hair, sounds simple right! Of course I said yes, I mean who wants limp, damaged hair and I was in the hot seat and needed to answer fast. He made it all sound so appealing.

The first few days I was advise not to wash, dampen or put my hair up – easy. On the 4th day I washed my hair and then the intense itching started. Clumps of my hair started to come out as the days went on and a rash developed on my face. At first I had no clue had anything to do with the treatment.

For 3 months I lost almost half of my hair and you could see my scalp which was now pink and raw. I was devastated .

The image below is after 1 wash.

Keratin Hair Loss

9 months on and I still have not dared risk having any highlights or used any hair growth treatments incase it starts to fall out again.

I wanted to write this article for others that have experienced the same thing and to warn the industry to put tougher restrictions in place for skin patch testing and the use of formaldehyde!



Fact: Formaldehyde is toxic.
The chemical can cause immediate, short-term irritation of the eyes, skin, and upper respiratory tract.

Fact: Hair treatments are unregulated.
The Cosmetic Ingredient Review, a panel of scientists that recommends safety standards in cosmetics, advises that beauty products should contain no more than 0.2 percent formaldehyde (most nail polish manufacturers have removed formaldehyde from their formulas) When Oregon OSHA tested more than 100 samples of various salon hair-smoothing products, they found some of the highest levels of formaldehyde—almost 12 percent—in a Brazilian Blowout formula that was labeled “formaldehyde-free.”

Here are some products that helped my hair loss and itching subside! I am grateful to you!!!!


Eucerin Shampoo

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

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