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Upcycled Vintage

Lacking creative inspiration for your pet but like the idea of a unique piece for your home? Well, it’s your lucky day!

While browsing through Etsy and I came across this fabulous store – AtomicAttic. What a brilliant idea, turning everyday items into cool pieces for your pets.

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pet bed all things stylish

December 1, 2012   No Comments

Vintage Fashion & Decor Re-Mix

When new Etsy stores open that have unforgettably good vintage like Natalie Howell’s  Catchbou, I get excited.  When vintage clothes inspire my interior design questing, I get even more excited.  This is a vintage remix of quite gorgeous proportions with awesome interior design inspired by great fashion finds to get the momentum going today.  As I said I am excited, very excited!

Unusual coral and cherry combine to create a statement making hue that you can not ignore in the best possible way!  A home that includes unusual colors that are deep and hypnotically happy like this cross between coral & cherry create a unique statement that puts your personal style in the forefront!

Sophisticated black vintage with sequin translates into black lacquer walls (use only in small swatches and in rooms with fabulous light!) and disco balls and glitter, the last bastion of the disco era that are terribly chic when used with a metered hand.

A Versace-inspired vintage jacket turns every day into the late 80′s heyday of true supermodels and decadent excess.  THis Versace Home sofa echoes the sentiment perfectly.

Art deco meets punchy color in a timeless harlequin jacket.  Deco wallpaper can transport even the plainest walls into multidimensional, rhythmic planes.  A smart, rich color palette takes it up many notches.

Who can resist the most incredible vintage Fendi dress with bright color leaping from its curves.  Although it is a very specific design statement, rooms with these grey and neon color stories thrill the senses!

You can grab any of these vintage pieces at Catchbou on Etsy & can see more of Natalie’s curated clothing & chat with her for direct styling advice while you shop online at Catch Boutique.

Have fun exploring your personal style! xoxo Dana

March 22, 2012   No Comments