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5 Steps to Wow! Your Pre Holiday Prep….

Whether you plan to sunbathe on the beach or have a chic staycation at home- get ready the week before with some simple preparation. These products really work, make you feel great and look gorgeous!

Get ready for the sun in 5 simple steps…….


1. The Face Mask!

Face mask’s draw out all the impurities from your skin while infusing your face with goodness. We love Lush’s  –The Sacred Truth – (£5.95) Made with papaya for anti aging and firming, it’s natural and amazing –  it’s food for your face! With ginseng, green tea, fresh wheatgrass for its natural superoxide dismutase (SOD) – which are free radical scavengers (wow!) Store in the fridge as this is super FRESH! My skin looked incredible moments after, tighter and smoother.

lush mask

2.  The Moisturiser!

Neal’s Yard Power Berry Daily Moisture ( £12) This is amazing stuff. Tightly packed with antioxidants – it seriously boosts radiance and is perfect after face masks, under make up and all year round. With Acai, Bilberry and Goji Berry, it smells wonderful and absorbs quickly. It’s one of my absolute favourites and delivers fast results.



3. The Scrub!

For the best all over scrub –  I like Clarins. Wonderful botanical benefits for a good even surface for tanning.  Exfoliating Body Scrub (£29) is excellent. With natural bamboo powders that lift off flaky skin-cells you are left feeling smooth and refreshed.


4.  The Tan!

For the best self tan on the market – go for Sienna X. I love the Gradual Tanner (£15.95) that goes on golden and develops into an incredible tan in just 8 hours. Apply straight after exfoliating. It’s tinted so you can see where you are applying – Amazing! Take it with you and top up.

sienna5. The Polish!

Paint your nails an amazing bright – I love Essie’s California Coral

 Gorgeous and Ready to Go!

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International Kissing Day!! Saturday 6th July 2013

Pucker up people! It’s International Kissing Day tomorrow – so prep those lips and get kissing!


LUSH are proud supporters of the Be Cruelty-Free campaign and are attempting to break the current Guinness World Record for the most lip-prints collected in 12 hours.  Help them by popping along to a Lush store tomorrow morning and polish, paint and plant your lip print – and make history!

I LOVE the Lush lip products and use them regularly to keep my lips smooth. The scrub is gentle and tastes incredible (you lick the excess off – wow!) the balm is very softening and once its all sunk in, slick on the gorgeous lip colours from Emotional Brilliance. I’m a big fan, usually wearing Bubbly (its been my Summer style staple so far) but chose Power this time, a stunning red shot through with rose gold. The lip paint is so unusual as it stains but shimmers. Really good for day long wear as it softly fades out without any harsh lines.

Be Cruelty-Free is the largest global campaign to end animal testing of cosmetics worldwide, combining awareness raising with political lobbying and scientific outreach. Help the cause and get kissing!


Drop into your local LUSH store tomorrow Saturday 6th July from 11am or join in online…..

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Getting Beach Ready!

There’s nothing quite like time in the sun. We all want to look and feel the very best we can – so preparation in key!

Start using these a few weeks before you go on holiday and by the time you check in – you will not only feel incredible –  but look a million dollars.


L – R

Dior Eau Svelte  – (£42 – John Lewis) is a cult classic. Wonderful fragrance with ultimate benefits. Tones, tightens and smells unlike anything else.

Moroccan Oil (£30.45 – HQ Hair) is incredible – can be used on wet or dry hair and smoothes, glosses and conditions the hair like nothing else.

H20 Plus Sea Marine Revitalising Shampoo (£13 –  infuses the hair with marine botanicals and nutrients. Hydrating wakame, sea fennel and sea lettuce give you strength and shine. RICH lather and it smells  great too. Gets your tresses in the best condition in preparation for the sun.

Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub  (£3.57 – Superdrugexfoliates,  tones and smells delicious.

Wish Upon a Jar – 21 Day Collagen Cream – Soap & Glory (£16 – Boots) is incredible. Not only does it look fantastic in your bathroom – like a cool silver globe –  but use this for a few weeks and you will see the difference. I’m a big fan of the whole range but this sleek face cream is the business. It contains a potent mix of shea butter, tetrapeptides, antioxidants and oxygen boosters to boost moisture levels, smooth out  fine lines and totally brightens tired skin. I love it.

Heel Genius – Soap & Glory – (£10) this stuff really works! You need pretty feet in the Summer and that means smooth and silky. Apply this regularly, under light cotton socks and  wake up to fabulous footsies!

High Definition Body Lift – Clarins – Oh High Definition…..yes everything is up close these days, and you want seriously firm skin in the sun. High Definition Body lift does exactly what is says. It lifts, firms and tightens. The pink cream-gel with the active red microspheres that melt during application,  is fast absorbing and really refreshing in hot weather. The 8  herbal extracts slim hips and thighs while cellulite becomes less prominent. Pricey at £50 but a  godsend!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Conditioner (£11) Any product that helps speed up hair growth gets the thumbs up! Lee Stafford’s products are clever, innovative and smell incredible. I love his vision for fun, sexy, gorgeous hair and his range literally has everything. I tried this conditioner earlier this year and its awesome.

Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream (£16.50 – Lush) Firm up your assets! An excellent natural alternative to many of the very expensive breast creams on the market that all too often contain questionable ingredients. When comes to your breasts, you want the BEST. Lush has done it again and produced a wonderful sweet smelling cream that makes the skin feel firm and fabulous. Orange Blossom, Rose and Jasmine combined with the ultra firming essence European Meadowsweet.


 Get Ready – Get Gorgeous!



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Mermaid Bath Ballistic – Limited Edition – LUSH

If you like LUSH then you you will know they are famous for their gorgeous bath ‘ballistics’ – stunning bath bombs that fizz and sparkle. Their latest is something that smells good and does good! The Mermaid Bath Ballistic is limited edition and was launched this week to coincide with the release of The Mermaid Song – part of The Coldwater Project by musician and composer Ysanne.  All proceeds donated to Sea Shepherd the global non profit conservation charity.


I’m a big fan of bath bombs and ballistics. They transform your tub  into something special and this one is gorgeous. Made with lavender, lemon, seaweed and sea salt to soften your skin and clear your mind – you really do feel renewed.

Ysanne is an amazing violinist who is best known for her work with The Smashing Pumpkins and Michael Stipe.  When you buy the bath ballistic, you can download the Mermaid Song  for free!

How cool that smelling and feeling good can help a worthy cause………..£2.50 – LUSH stores, on line  or Worldwide –

Save the sea and chill out!


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Lush -Bestsellers and Emotional Brilliance Review

I have long been a fan of the gorgeous LUSH. Looking for amazing handmade products that are good for you and smell incredible? So fresh you can FEEL it? Lush has it all. Made with little or no preservative or packaging, using only vegetarian ingredients and they tell you when they were made! I love the fact my new body lotion  was made by Ben – this month! Being a big fan I tested out some must have favourites along with some new additions that are just brilliant….

Dream cream

Dream Cream (£10.95)  ‘Our Number One Product’ says Lush. We say – SPOT ON! This gorgeous velvety body cream smooths on beautifully, feels instantly nourishing and comforting – and it absorbs quickly. Its the oat milk in this cream that is heaven sent. Also made with rose water, rose absolute, cocoa butter , chamomile blue , tea tree and olive oil, its been known to cure a whole host of skin problems like eczema,  as well as being the go-to cream for daily beautifying. The scent isn’t over powering so it won’t interfere with your perfume. Its Lush’s serious best seller and we know why. Serious smoother soother – essential!


Buffy Body Butter (£5.95) It’s a full on skin softening experience. The bar is just the right size for holding in your palm  as you rub it  over wet skin in circular motions. The exfoliating beads work straight away – and the incredible scent  of lemon and cocoa butter is released- getting you in the holiday mood. As soon as I washed off, my skin felt like silk – and shimmered! Perfect to buff your bod before your holiday or for a regular treat. Gorgeous. 


Stepping Stone Foot-Scrub (£2.95) Smells great! This adorable foot shaped scrub and soak  in one, made my bathroom lemon scented for days. Rub over tired tootsies in a hot bath. The pumice and jojoba oil polished my feet while dissolving into a pool of aqua cool all around me – beautiful. 

Emotional Brilliance This is a genius idea – choose your make up – depending on your MOOD…..


Spin the Emotional Brilliance Colour Wheel – in store or online –  to get your personalised colour reading. Select 3 colours that ‘feel right’ and this will reveal more about your state of mind. Like tarot cards for your cosmetics, choose your mood – and get gorgeous….

For me…..


Bubbly (Pink) &  Vibrance (Orange) Liquid Lipsticks  (£14.50) These were brilliant!  Stained like a lip tint. Shined like a gloss. Great texture. Perfect for slicking on for lasting colour without lipsticks usual fade out issues.  The patent contains an incredible skin softening formula that improves the condition of your lips. Made with jojoba and rose.  Line your lips with the tip of the sponge and fill in – and for  subtle look – blot.  

Bubbly was my favourite – a gorgeous rose pink really brought out my green eyes while orange Vibrance was lovely – a shimmer shot  of sunshine for the lips. Ideal size too for popping in your handbag and glossing on the go.  They also double up as a cream blush. 


Eyes Bright Mascara (£12)This was a very impressive product, small but really packs a powerful punch. I had strong dramatic lashes within moments, the colour was intense too. Wheatgrass is the magic ingredient which promises irritation free flutters. The gentle formula contains only 1 preservative rather than the usual 4-6 in most others mascaras which makes it pretty special.  Plus it contains vitamins that actually condition and nourish your lashes. – sold! It was the perfect size to slip into a small handbag for an evening out. 


Healthy – Green liquid liner (£14.50) I usually go for coloured liners that shimmer and only use liquid when I’m creating cat eyes and wanting a smoky intense look at night. I had never really thought about using a more matte green but this fresh grass coloured liquid liner took me by surprise – I tried it and found it really lovely, versatile and wearable. I combined the liner with the rose pink  Bubbly lips and had an instantly brighter look that took me from afternoon meeting to drinks with friends. The green actually matched my eyes and gave me subtle but enhanced look. It was the perfect fresh Spring feel. In the daylight it just looked pretty and as I wore it into the evening the colour blended and faded to a slinky green grey. Made with Damask Rose. A lovely consistency  doesn’t set straight away so you can blend and perfect. 


Lifted – Yellow Cream Eyeshadow (£14.50) This yellow eye brightener lifted my spirits on a less than bright Spring day. You can use alone, as a shadow, a highlighter or under another colour to really open up the eye. Made with amazing cupuaçu butter, almond and jojoba –  its good for your skin too.

Go and spin that wheel! Great colours, so much variety and such a cool idea. I  love the labels attached to the little bottles! They give the whole range a cute apothecary feel, which just adds to Lush’s authenticity. They make gorgeous products, naturally.

Get some LUSH in your life!

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