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Hollywood Fashion Tape Shapes

Realizing how distracting a bra strap can get can really irritate someone. They fall off your shoulders, are various colors, and are easily noticeable. Sometimes strapless bra’s just don’t do the trick. Whether you are wearing a sheer dress such as this one, you probably are going to want to feel comfortable and not be worried about your bra moving or your neon pink bra to show.

The Fashion Tape Shapes are easily adjustable and they’ve only just been put on the market this summer. Make this your summer must have to feel comfortable in any blouse or dress you plan to wear.

…Each pack comes with:

-Trapezoid shapes (4 pieces)-to keep the sides of strapless styles in place.

-Curves (6 pieces)-for fronts of strapless styles.

-Wide strips (6 pieces)-for heavier garments.

-Skinny strips (8 pieces)-for shoe and spaghetti strap.

Are you ready for the change? Because I know I am. One fortunate reader will be able to get their hands on a set of Fashion Tape Shapes.

To enter the competition here is what You MUST do!

Submit your entry to All Thing’s Stylish by emailing

You entry must include in your email: Your name, address, and email so we are able to send you the goodies!

You can enter up to once a week and pass it along to all your friends so they can enter as well!

Contest ends on August 1st so be sure to enter – Winner announced August 3rd!

A big “thank you” to Hollywood Secrets for donating this amazing prize!

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Fast Fashion Fixes

It usually happens to me as I am rushing to leave the house in the morning, to find I have deodorant stains on the tank top I want to wear, or the jeans I need haven’t been altered yet 🙁

If like me you are prone to having ONE OF THOSE DAYS, I highly recommend keeping these items to hand, so you are ready for any wardrobe 911 or latte spill that might happen.

  1. Double – stick tape $8.99  Use strips to help bra straps stay put, reattach hems, close gaps between buttons, repair split seams.
  2. Shoe Polish Pen $12.95  To colour in any blemishes on your heels.
  3. Instant Hem $19.95  Reusable  snap  strips, use this on days that you want to switch from heels to flats
  4. Dryer Sheets $9.99  Rub over tights and clothing to banish static
  5. Rubber Bands or hair elastic $12.99  Loop one through a button hole and attach both ends to the button for more breathing room in a tight waist
  6. Earring Backs $6.99  Keep a stash of spare back in case yours goes missing
  7. Sponge Eraser $10  Erases everything from deodorant to scuffs on clothing, incredible
  8. Super Glue $3.49  Apply a thin layer to a flapping sole or a broken heel for an instant temporary fix
  9. Sewing Kit $13.95 Use to darn holes or to replace buttons or snaps. A safety pin could replace a broken necklace clasp
  10. Sweater Shaver Stone $5.69 De – fuzz that sweater and make it look like new
  11. Clear Polish $8 Stop a run in your Hosiery
  12. Stain Remover $12.50 Fabulous to clean up any spills after lunch

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