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Fast Fashion Fixes

It usually happens to me as I am rushing to leave the house in the morning, to find I have deodorant stains on the tank top I want to wear, or the jeans I need haven’t been altered yet ūüôĀ

If like me you are prone to having ONE OF THOSE DAYS, I highly recommend keeping these items to hand, so you are ready for any wardrobe 911 or latte spill that might happen.

  1. Double Рstick tape $8.99  Use strips to help bra straps stay put, reattach hems, close gaps between buttons, repair split seams.
  2. Shoe Polish Pen $12.95  To colour in any blemishes on your heels.
  3. Instant Hem $19.95  Reusable  snap  strips, use this on days that you want to switch from heels to flats
  4. Dryer Sheets $9.99  Rub over tights and clothing to banish static
  5. Rubber Bands or hair elastic $12.99  Loop one through a button hole and attach both ends to the button for more breathing room in a tight waist
  6. Earring Backs $6.99  Keep a stash of spare back in case yours goes missing
  7. Sponge Eraser $10  Erases everything from deodorant to scuffs on clothing, incredible
  8. Super Glue $3.49  Apply a thin layer to a flapping sole or a broken heel for an instant temporary fix
  9. Sewing Kit $13.95 Use to darn holes or to replace buttons or snaps. A safety pin could replace a broken necklace clasp
  10. Sweater Shaver Stone $5.69 De – fuzz that sweater and make it look like new
  11. Clear Polish $8 Stop a run in your Hosiery
  12. Stain Remover $12.50 Fabulous to clean up any spills after lunch


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