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Beat the Heat! Summer Survival Guide

It’s HOT HOT HOT! On gorgeous  glorious sun filled days like these –  the best place to be is in the water! But for the city chicks who are busy being fabulous in town and can’t just dive in,  how do you keep your cool? Make up melting,  hot sticky and humid, take up residence next to the nearest fan and check out our top tips for chilling out……You may not be able to immerse yourself in the pool while you check your emails but you can Beat the Heat – The All Things Stylish Way………..



1. Fan Time! Buy a hand fan –  or buy 10. They are inexpensive, pretty, feminine and can accessorise your outfit. They really work!!! Your friends will all want one. You can buy them so cheaply in Chinatown and you will wonder how you lived without them. I also pick them up in Spain whenever I’m there but Chinatown has an abundance and they are beautifully designed. They have plain ones too for the guys in our life although when its this hot, they don’t care! Paper, wood, silk, cloth – all work and are perfect to keep you cool on the tube, in a taxi and in a bar…..

2.  Heat proof your make up!  Choose a long lasting transfer proof foundation and keep it in the fridge. YSL Teint Resist  – £29.50  –  is brilliant and has great coverage.   It will feel cool going on, last and last.


Buy waterproof eye shadow and liner – MAC has the best and they are made for swimming – so London heat won’t defeat it. Powerpoint Pencils £14 and Paintpot in Chilled on Ice –  a cool Shimmer Gold – £15 –  always looks good.


Sticky gloss in the heat is not a good look. Clean up with a cool lip stain that gives you a whisper of colour – Benefit’s Benetint is still the best – £22.  Chanel Powder Papers – £22 are ideal for on the go chic blotting.



3. Cool the skin! Apply a cooling body lotion throughout the day, whenever you feel like you are at boiling point.  Aloe Vera kept in the fridge is ideal for sunburn – as its instantly cools and calms – so our overheated city skin can benefit from the same treatment. It will feel wonderful in the baking heat.

Aloe Vera Gel – £4.66 – Hawthorne Health

4. Spray Away!  Invest in one of the ice skin sprays.I discovered them in a hot studio where the tv hosts were surviving with spritzes in between takes. It works!  

Perlier Lemon Sorbet Refreshing Ice Granita – feels and smells amazing, actually ‘crackling’ on your skin and instantly cooling you down. Buy at the Home Shopping Network – or head to Boots NOW  for their brilliant Hot Weather Cooling Spray and keep it in the fridge.



5. Wear Cotton! Its a natural fibre that’s breathable and a whole lot cooler than man made fabrics. Feels great on the skin too.

6. Pop it!  Ice lollies are ideal for cooling you down when the temperatures soars. Buy a box of ice pops and stick them in the freezer at work and home. I had about 4 this afternoon and felt instantly cooler.

7. Dip it! Cooling your hands, feet, temples, wrists and neck – makes a massive instant difference. Pop to the bathroom and run a cold sink and dip them in!

8. Ice up! Buy a eye cooler mask and stick in the freezer. Place on face during breaks at work. Everyone is in the same boat – they will all want to borrow! Relaxing Gel Mask from Out of the Blue – on Amazon – £2.38 – bargain! Also eases headaches and helps puffy eyes – fantastic!


9. Take a trip….to the ice bar! Where else in London is icy cool at this time of year? Suggest meetings  take place at The Ice Bar…


ice bar 2

ice bar 3– £14- £16 per person which includes a free iced vodka. After work drinks anyone?

Other top tips……Buy an Electric Fan and keep it by the bed at home. I turn mine on as soon as I get in and close the curtains. Splash cold water on your face and lie next to the fan, it makes a big difference. Keep a flannel in the freezer and fridge and apply to pressure points. Sleep in cotton sheets……

All Things Stylish – dedicated to keeping you cool! 





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