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Flying in Style, Make Up Essentials

Only a week to go before I take the red-eye to London, the count down has begun! Here are my other flying essentials ūüôā

Make up may seem like an odd necessity to some of you, but I always carry basic essentials on board the plane. When I am flying long haul I usually clean my face once on board and re-apply before I land. Here are my fail proof tips for you jet-setters out there!

  1. Foundation $59 I find mixing a little with moisturiser will even out your skin tone and prevent your skin looking tired
  2. Moisturiser $49.95 Recycled air in the cabin can be really damaging for your skin, so facial moisturiser is a must! This product I highly recommend as it keeps your skin hydrated and won’t break you out
  3. Mascara $6 This is my all time favourite mascara. Add tons of volume to lashes so you look wide awake and not too expensive if the flight dries it out.
  4. Concealer $28 – To hide any under eye circles or bags. I swear by this brand
  5. Eyebrow pencil $22 I have very light eyebrows naturally, so I need to fill them in a little.
  6. Eyeliner/EyeShadow $22 – Personally I love using black eye shadow to define my eyes as it looks a lot more natural. To do this I dampen my brush and apply close to the base of the lashes. It will make even tired eyes pop
  7. Lip Balm $10 My lips get so dry when I travel and this is the one product i have found that keeps them hydrated and can double up as a hand cream.
  8. Facial Wipes $7 I cannot fly without these beauties! Great if you spill anything down your clothes too!
  9. Blusher $26 – It adds a healthy glow to your face
  10. Make up Purse $55

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Fly In Style

I am due to fly back to the UK in a couple of weeks hence the inspiration for this blog post. It got me thinking about the early days of flying, when boarding a plane was a privilege and usually reserved for the rich and famous. Men wore suits and the woman, beautiful dresses, this is when people had class and style!

Flying in Style

Victoria¬†and David Beckham are always¬†impeccably¬†turned out, but for¬†the rest of us it is a much more exhausting process. Maybe it’s the extra security check points, customs and immigration or just all the waiting.¬† They all take their toll but whatever class you travel in, deciding on that perfect¬†assemble¬†can be a mine field and comfort is key. ¬†Please, no more Ugg boots and sweatpants, save those for when you are at home or once you are on the plane.

1)Slip-on Shoes!
Most airport security check points now require you to remove footwear. I usually opt for a ballet pump or a flat slip on boot because trying to lace up anything can be a nightmare with the 100 people in line behind you staring on. As you can see previously in the images above Lauren Conrad and Sienna Miller agree and do the same.

2) Layers

Layers are¬†key when flying as temperatures change frequently. Countless times I found myself at airports hot as can be running from one side to another trying to catch a flight…anyone flown from T5 at¬†Heathrow?¬† You’ll know what I mean if you have.¬† Yet, in 5 minutes time of stepping foot on the plane I find myself shivering under the air conditioning which is oh so perfectly placed above my head!
In this case, one of my favourite layering items has to be my luxurious Chan Luu Cashmere scarf ($195-$245). It comes in just about every color imaginable as well as a variety of prints and patterns.  It is so useful as it can double up as a blanket or pillow and if you pick the right colour for your skin tone it can add a healthy glow to any jet lagged skin.

3) Comfort & Keep it Simple
In Winter I usually opt for a jersey legging like our LnA Olivia, or I wear my Hello Skinny Jeans in Dark. They are a stretch jean and hold their shape well. I would never recommend a white jean as no matter how careful I am I am bound to spill something and ruin them.  In Summer months I will definitely be sporting one of our divine Ducie dresses, soft and flowy and will not crease, even after a 12 hour flight the dresses still look fabulous and fresh.
4) Sunglasses and Large Tote
My final Flying in Style tip would be a pair of sunglasses and large tote bag
Carrying a big tote is incredibly useful for all of your items. I usually keep miniature items of make up to freshen up as I land, jogging pants in case I want to change, my essential fashion magazines and a large bottle of water to keep myself hydrated. As you head for your taxi grab those sunglasses and look effortlessly stylish no matter how tired you are!
Make-up and skin care tips to follow.

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A New Year… A New You – My Style Resolutions

Girls your new resolution should be to Invest in Underwear that fits

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2011!

We all know that ill fitting underwear can ruin the shape of any outfit, so one of my first style resolution for the new year would be go get measured. A professional bra fitter can determine if you, like most women, are wearing a wrong-sized band or if you cups are too small which will give you the boob wedgie as I call it. The same can be said for ill-fitting knickers, too snug can create unsightly bulges while visible pantie lines (VPL’s) can ruin the look of any outfit.

Seriously ladies, the right fit can totally change your body shape and in some cases even take you down a dress size.

If you are unable to get into a store to be professionally measured or feeling slightly shy, then I can highly recommend a fabulous website that I just recently ordered from. My purchase came beautifully wrapped with great tips on how to care for your lingerie. The website has great customer service and are happy to offer advice. ¬†I found Linda’s Bra Calculator and the Bra Problem Guide particularly helpful.

Linda The Bra Lady

Every girl in my opinion needs at least the following bras:

Strapless Bra

T-Shirt Bra

Multi-Way Bra

Push-Up Bra

Everyday Bra

Sports Bra

Seam Free Underwear

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Happy New Years!!

Happy New Year everyone, here is to a fabulous 2011 ūüôā

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